Animal Welfare

Donkey in Petra
Poor donkey in Petra

Several organizations used to work or are working on animal welfare programs. Examples are Brooke Hospital and SPANA (For the working animals of the world). Not taking good care of the animals is still a problem in Petra. Whether you want to go by donkey, horse, carriage or camel in Petra (Or other parts of Jordan), please make sure you only get on the healthy animals. This way you support the owners who do take good care of their animals and you encourage others to do the same and stop mistreatment. SPANA made a Holiday Hooves Guide which helps you to make a positive influence on animal welfare in Petra and other places in Jordan.

Tip: Once you’ve selected a healthy looking animal, make sure that you discuss the price of the ride (or the tip!) in advance. Does someone not stick to the agreed price, you can (threat to) go to the Tourist Police on the site, of which the office is located on your way out of Petra.

Click here to open the Holiday Hooves Guide

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