Visa regulations

Lately some changes have been made in the visa procedures for all of you arriving to Jordan. Hereby an overview of the different procedures for the different borders, airports and the Ferry port in Aqaba:

Amman airport: 

  • You can buy a visa for 40JD on arrival.
  • You can use the Jordan Pass for free visa if staying in the country for 3 days or more.
  • You can obtain a free visa if you are met by an airport rep and if travelling with a travel agency staying 3 days or more. This applies for both individuals and groups.

Aqaba airport:

  • In Aqaba you’ll get a free visa upon arrival.
  • Also, the departure tax (10JD) is included in your ticket.

Wadi Araba crossing:

  • You will need to have visa from embassy before arriving at border.
  • No Jordan Pass
  • If you are a group of 5, you can arrange to be met by a travel agency with a collective visa. If you are staying 2 nights or more, this is a free visa. If you are staying less than 2 nights, you must pay 40JD for the visa
  • If you are Israeli and travelling in a group of 5 or more,  an agency can arrange your visa, but you must apply at least 48hours beforehand. If you are staying 2 nights or more, the visa is free.

King Hussein Bridge

  • You will need to get a visa from Jordanian embassy before crossing
  • The Jordan Pass or individual visas via travel agencies can’t be obtained.
  • You can get a collective visa traveling with a travel agency if there are more than 5 people in group. It takes about 5 working days to obtain.

Sheikh Hussein

  • You can buy a 1-2 day visa at the border for 40JD or a 3 or more day visa for 10JD
  • You can’t use the Jordan Pass, or get individual visa’s via travel agencies.
  • If you are with more than 5 people, you can get a collective visa.

Aqaba Ferry port

  • Free visa on arrival

Taba Ferry Crossing

  • You can buy a tourist visa for 40JD. If you are staying 2 nights or more in Jordan, you receive a free visa.
  • If you show a stamped Petra Ticket you don’t need to pay the 10JD departure tax.
  • Tourist groups arriving by Hotel Tourist Cruise get a free visa