Artisans and workshops

We offer various activities around Jordan. Make a visit to the Looming Ladies of Udruth, located in one of the rural suburbs of Petra. Lend a hand to local farmers, learn how to make baskets or follow a soap making workshop!


Bedouin weaving workshop (Petra area)

Experience centuries old Bedouin weaving on the ground loom with the weaving women of Bedoubag. Bedoubag is a sustainable project that aims to empower local women, keep their weaving tradition alive and inspire young women to learn a craft. Meet the women and children in their home, create a (yoga) belt or colorful placemat on the ground loom, have lunch together, finalize in the afternoon and return home with your exclusive souvenir in traditional Bedouin stripe patterns that will bring you joy for years to come. Hand made by you & um Hussein, an experience not to forget. For more information on the project:

Price: starting from 49 JD per person
Including: Transfer from and to Petra, lunch and handmade souvenir


Workshops in Iraq Al Amir Women Cooperative Society
(30 min. drive from Amman)

These ladies have numerous skills to show and teach you. From producing fabric to soap, pottery and even hand made paper.

Price: Coming soon, keep an eye on our website!



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