Extra information

Required Experience
For our tours you need to have at least two years of riding experience, preferably you have been on trail rides before. You need to be able to control your horse at all paces and in large open areas in the desert. Good balance and feeling comfortable on a horse are advantages as we will be riding in a mountainous area. If you have less experience or are not sure about it, contact us!

In order to select the right horse for you and to minimize the risks, we ask you to fill in the booking form in which we ask you about your riding abilities. The guide always has the right to change the program if your experience is not adequate or if you put other riders or horses at risk.

The horses
The horses we use for our tours are selected on their health and strength. Only healthy animals will be rented from their owners: thus we contribute to the local economy as well as stimulate animal welfare. The guide knows each and every horse so please follow his advise at all times.

Temperatures in Jordan aren’t always ideal for making long rides in the desert or for camping out. We offer the trekkings in the “mild” months, when day and night temperatures are comfortable for both riders and horses and we offer star-rides in the hot and cold months. There is the possibility that there will be rain or snow in the winter, depending on the circumstances we will make necessary changes to the itineraries.

The guides
On every tour there’s a guide who will take you to the most beautiful and impressive places of the area. Our guides are very experienced, they have been working with horses all their lives and know the area well. Depending on the amount of guests participating on the tour, we have extra guides.

All saddles are English style and every horse has a bit and English style bridle according to his temperament. The saddle blankets have pockets for a water bottle, camera, sun cream, etc. so this can be taken along during riding. (The jeep will take the luggage and will be available at every lunch and dinner/camping stop.) Riding helmets are available.

During trekkings
We provide matrasses and dome tents , you put up and take down your own tent every day, off course assistance will be given when needed. Since we are trekking from one place to another in the desert, the sanitary facilities will be very basic and water is limited.

Daily you will enjoy delicious Arabic dishes. For breakfast: eggs, cheese, hummus, olive oil & herbs (zaater), jam, cucumber, tomato, fruits, bread, tea and coffee. Lunch: ishes with chicken, vegetables and rice, or different kinds of salad and bread. Dinner: dishes like ‘sanniya’ (warm dish with vegetables, potatoes and chicken),‘maglouba’ (rice with spices and chicken or meat and vegetables), barbeque, fried fish, vegetables, kofta, always combined with fresh salads and as dessert: fresh fruit and baklava with tea. Tea will always be served and water and soft drinks will be available at all times in the cool box. Vegetarian meals are available upon request.