Ancient Horse – Ancient Wisdom Desert Retreat with Sandra Wallin

Ancient Horse – Ancient Wisdom Retreat Jordan

Connect to the ancient wisdom of the desert, the powerful teachings of the four elements and the intuitive guidance of the Horse!

A Retreat guided by Sandra Wallin, MA (Chiron’s Way) and Sandra Jelly (Pink Spirit Jordan)


Ancient Horse – Ancient Wisdom Desert Retreat Jordan
9 days/ 8 nights
Departure date:
Friday 17 March – Saturday 25 March 2017

 In a Nutshell:
A 9 day itinerary through Jordan visiting the desert jewels Wadi Rum, Petra and Dead Sea. Including a 4 day Elements & Horses Workshop, yoga, ceremony, Bedouin desert camps, visits to little known places and 1001 stars to guide us!

Price: 2.350 USD per person
                                        Single Supplement: 125 JOD / 175 USD per person
Min. 12 persons – Max. 20 persons

                      Early bird or buddy Rate : 1.997 USD per person valid till 31 Dec 2016                                      

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Bring a friend and receive a special Buddy Rate of
1.997 USD per person!
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    One with nature
Balance nature’s elements in your self through yoga, guided meditation, expressive arts and time honoured ceremony. Travel ancient desert pathways in the company of horses while engaging the energies of earth, water, fire and air.How do we balance these elements in ourselves in order to become more present, radiant and expressive? What does this mean for our lives and all of our relations? Expand your awareness, unbridle your creativity in the desert of Jordan.

   Balancing the elements
Indigenous cultures around the world honour the four elements as living forces and teachers in their own right.

Air – Mind: inspiration – imagination – clear and free communication
increased listening, spacious vision and timeless voices

                 Fire – Spirit: passion – beliefs – nurturing & powerful in transformation
ignites vitality – bringing your light into the world

Water – Heart: emotional balance, – the flow of life – soft & powerful
cleansing  healing – compassionate heart – loving and healthy relations

            Earth – Body: grounding – growth – relaxed & strong in embodiment
manifestation healthy boundaries –  create and hold sacred space for self
and others – accessing ancient wisdom

yoga on the rocks, 1001 star meditations, creative expression, way of council, 4 days elements workshop reflecting with horses, meditative desert walk, Bedouin camel ride, sacred dance around the fire, lifting the veils of reality in Petra

* No previous yoga, artistic or horse experience needed

Other highlights: 
Full Board round trip Jordan visiting Dana, Wadi Rum, Petra and Dead Sea.

In a nutshell
From the Christian community in Madaba we travel south to explore wildlife in Dana reserve, visit its centuries old village and dive into the vastness of the Wadi Rum desert. Our Desert Escape is reflecting our inner journey with, and through, the elements. We will explore the elements Fire and Air in Wadi Rum. In Petra we water and earth into our circle. We culminate our journey with some Dead Sea Zen, integrating all four elements to relax and restore body, mind, heart and spirit: sacred sun, expansive skies, healing water & primordial mud for nurturing and releasing the old and preparing us to step into a new phase of our life journey.

About your coaches Sandra & Sandra: 

Through the embodied practice of Vinyasa Flow yoga, Sandra Jelly invites you into a relationship of depth within yourself where listening is cultivated, the body is honored, and playful, creative exploration is welcomed. On opening to the connection with the ground and calling-in and welcoming home all of yourself, postures, breathing and meditation will become things that happen rather than things you do. Expanding your awareness and integrating more of yourself is gently supported by interacting with horses. They reflect our state of being in the moment and allow us to transform limiting beliefs in order to become fully present.

The horses have been guiding Sandra Jelly– artist, designer and coach – since 2009 from Amsterdam advertising world into Bedouin horse world of Petra, Jordan. She invites guests into the desert to share her heart opening experience of becoming powerful in ones vulnerability. Sandra Wallin – expressive arts therapist, educator and Soulsister from the rainforests of British Columbia, grew up riding bare back through ancient cedar woods and cool mountain streams. There with the horses in nature’s classroom, she learned an intuitive way of listening, which she has been teaching in her equine guided programs for over 15 years. Jelly & Wallin, together they embody the healing forces of the forests and the transformational energy of the deserts and they will take you on a magical journey so awareness can expand and powerful creativity can be embodied.

Throughout the journey there will also be opportunities to sit and listen from the heart, and speak and be heard from the heart in the context of community. Sharing this way provides incredible support, enriching connections in the group and makes for greater presence on the mat, in interaction with the horses and therefor in all our relations. All levels welcome. No previous horse experience required.

Horse wisdom


By intuitively reflecting your being, horses invite you to soften your body, connect from the heart, quieten your mind and communicate from the soul. Hence they lead you to that quiet authentic space of expanded awareness and harmony. Horses allow you to be in the moment. They immediately reflect a change in being hence inspiring you to transform your reality.

Horse team

Remaz (Mare 2,5), mother Gamar (Mare 12,5) and Nour (Gelding 6,5)

By intuitively reflecting our being, horses invite us to soften our body, connect from the heart, quieten our mind and communicate from the soul. Hence they lead you to that authentic space of expanded awareness and harmony. Horses allow us to be in the moment and become aware of limiting beliefs we are holding. They immediately reflect a change in our being, inspiring us to transform our reality and become more expressive in our truth.



“I’m so grateful I chose to visit Jordan! The retreat exceeded all my expectations. Through yoga and meditation, desert treks and mountain hikes, as well as her powerful coaching work with horses, Sandra Jelly created a supportive environment that allowed me to open my heart and mind to healing and transformation. For me, the trip started out as an adventure to discover a new country and became a pilgrimage to discover myself. I returned home feeling peaceful, strong and inspired, with new friends and new energy. I highly recommend Sandra and her retreats” ~ Christina

“The workshop with Sandra and the Chiron’s Way herd was amazing. It harmonized horse whispering, and listening, with intuitive expression in a way that allowed me to reconnect with myself in a most natural and profound way. “Just play as a horse,” I heard from the horses, so I did, and it really soaked in over our two days together. Truly inspirational, wonderful facilitators (human & horse). Fabulous workshop. You really must experience this!” ~ Karen

The program of your retreat

Day 1 – March 17:   Arrival QAIA – transfer to your hotel in Madaba
Day 2 – March 18:   Transfer from Madaba to Dana for a 2hr hike followed by lunch.
Continue to Wadi Rum – overnight in private Bedouin camp.
Day 3 – March 19:   Element: Fire – with horses. Activity: Camel ride
Day 4 – March 20:  Element: Air – with horses
Day 5 – March 21:   Element: Earth – with horses. Early morning transfer to stable in
Little Petra. Stay in Bedouin Rock camp
Day 6 – March 22:   Element: Water – with horses. Early afternoon transfer to private
camping location for closing ceremony.
Day 7 – March 23:   Back entrance to Petra – full day visit Petra. Stay Bedouin Rock camp.
Day 8 – March 24:   Transfer to O Beach @Dead Sea for lunch and float.
Day 9 – March 25:   Departure QAIA

Arrival to Jordan

Day 1, Friday (D) Meet & greet at Amman Airport followed by a short transfer to our hotel in Madaba for overnight. Depending on time of arrival you can choose the following optional activities: visit a women’s cooperative in the beautiful valley of Irak al Amir or the impressive ruins of Jerash and/or visit Madaba’s well kept mozaics and dinner in Haret Jdoudna – Madaba’s famous restaurant. Overnight in a 3* Mosaic City hotel in Madaba.


Community visit & Desert Escape

Day 2, Saturday: Dana & Wadi Rum (FB). After an early breakfast you will travel South for your Desert Escape in Wadi Rum. In beautiful nature reserve Dana you will be guided on a 2 hour walk and enjoy lunch with great views over Wadi Araba. Also chance to visit a local crafts center. Arrival in the afternoon at our Bedouin camp in Wadi Rum for sunset yoga and dinner. Gathering for a chant on the rocks to invoke the wisdom of your heart to guide you during this journey. Sleeping in a twin room, Bedouin tent or under the stars. Shared facilities.

Day 3, Sunday: Ancient Horse workshop – Fire. We will enjoy an early morning yoga session, saluting the sun. Then after breakfast we will start with our workshop, exploring the element of Fire with the horses in our private valley. In the afternoon, we will have a 2 hr camel caravan from and back to the camp. Lunch & dinner will be served at the camp. In the evening there is time to share stories around the fireplace. Sleeping in a twin room, Bedouin tent or under the stars. Shared facilities.

Day 4, Monday –Ancient Horse workshop – Air. We start the day with a yoga session to awaken the spine. After breakfast we will explore the element Air with the horses during the 2nd day of the workshop. Lunch and dinner will be served at the camp. Sleeping in a twin room, Bedouin tent or under the stars. Shared facilities.

Petra Magic

Day 5, Tuesday: Little Petra –  Earth. After an early breakfast we will transfer to our Bedouin camp in Little Petra. After a short walk we will meet the horses at nearby stable for day 3 of the workshop: exploring the element of Earth with the magnificent beauty of the Petra hills. Sleeping in a Bedouin tent (twin room) and shared facilities.

Day 6, Wednesday: Little Petra –  Water.  We walk to a nearby natural yoga shala for a flowing yoga session. Thereafter breakfast and day 4 of our Elements workshop: exploring element of Water. After lunch we will transfer to our unique private camping location where – after the rains – two rivers meet and a waterfall drops into a granite basin. We will hold a closing ceremony, enjoy dinner cooked by our Bedouin guide and sleep in a tent or under the stars. Tents, matrasses, blankets and pillows are provided. Toilet facilities are basic.

Optional activity: thai massage – limited availability

Day 7, Thursday: Petra (FB). After a breakfast suitable for explorers, we will follow a little known path into Petra. The walk starts with glowing land, then contours around the mountains with beautiful views to the Wadi Araba desert and finally leads to perhaps Petra’s most awe-inspiring monument, the Monastery. Stop for a lemon/mint juice and then continue down the 800 steps for lunch at the Crown Plaza Basin Restaurant. Here our guide awaits us to visit the Colonnade street, the Royal Tombs, Theater and of course the Treasury.You will leave this impressive site through the serene, high walled and colorful Siq and stop at the Cave Bar for a drink. Transfer to the Bedouin Rock camp for refreshment, dinner and a closing meditation.

Dead Sea Zen

Day 8, Friday: Dead Sea (FB) After our morning yoga session and breakfast, we say our goodbye and your driver takes you on a breathtaking scenic transfer to the Dead Sea. At O Beach you will enjoy a wonderful mud & float session, have lunch, relax at the infinity pool, contemplate your journey and get ready to leave this awe inspiring place. Enjoy dinner with a local family in Madaba. Overnight in 3* Mosaic City hotel Madaba.

 Day 9, Saturday: Departure QAIA (B) Time to say goodbye to Jordan, transfer to the airport in Amman.

Note: we hold the liberty to change elements of the program in order to provide the best experience

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